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Old Danish Chicken Dogs

Old Danish Chicken Dogs (Danish: dansk hønsehund.  Also known as “Old Danish Bird Dog” and “Old Danish Pointers”) are a truly excellent breed. We have a complete profile of the breed on this page.

If you are interested in learning more about other breeds, please visit our profiles of other dogs, such as Danish Swedish Farm Dogs, Danish Broholmer, Great Danes, Old Danish Pointers, and Old Danish Chicken Dogs.


Old Danish Chicken Dog History

The breed can be traced back to approximately 1710 when a man named Morten Bak, living in Glenstrup near the towns of Randers and Hobro, crossed gypsy dogs through 8 generations with local farmdogs.  This established a pure breed of piebald white and brown dogs called Bakhounds or Old Danish Pointers. The local farmers called their farmdogs Bloodhounds, but it seems more likely that these hounds were offspring from the Squire’s scent hounds, which in turn were descended primarily from St. Hubert Hounds. Likewise it is probable that the gypsy dogs generally descended from Spanish Pointing Dogs and other breeds of scent hounds, so in many ways St.Hubert Hounds have contributed to the Old Danish Chicken Dog.

Old Danish Chicken Dog Appearance

The Old Danish Chicken Dog is a medium-sized breed of dog that is white with brown markings, originally used as a pointing dog in Denmark.  Old Danish Chicken Dogs are strongly built. One of the most charming features of the breed is the great difference between male and female. While the dog is powerful and substantial, the bitch is characterized by being lighter, more spirited, and capricious.

The acceptable coat colors for this breed are a white base color with brown marks. It has traditionally been used as a pointing dog. The Old Danish Chicken Dog has an impressive build. It should be somewhat muscular, and the tail should hang low. The ears should be long and carried next to the sides of the head. The chest is a bit broad, and the stop should not be prominent. These dogs should weigh no more than 77 pounds, and they should stand at a maximum height of 22 inches.

Old Danish Chicken Dog Height, Weight

Height: Male 54-60 cm (21-23.5 in), above 56 cm (22 in) preferred.  Female 50-56 cm (19.5-22 in), above 52 cm (20 in) preferred.
Weight: Male 30-35 kg (66-77 lb).  Bitch 26-31 kg (57-68 lb)

Old Danish Chicken Dog Temperament

The Old Chicken Dog is a quiet and stable dog with determination and courage.  These dogs are relatively quiet, and are excellent hunters.   During a hunt, Old Danish Chicken Dog will progress slowly and cautiously, always maintaining contact with the hunter and accomplishing its task as a pointing dog without creating unnecessary disturbance of the ground. The breed is suited for small or large hunting grounds. Though it can be slow at times, and it can move quickly when it is necessary.

The Old Danish Chicken Dog is a family friendly dog.  But it needs to get exercise. It is fast and active outdoors and quiet indoors.  However it needs more space than living in a small apartment or confined to a small yard.  This dog is normally cheerful when it is given the physical activity it needs. These dogs are excellent for families, as they are good with children, and they may perform well with other pets if they are properly socialized while they are puppies.

Old Danish Chicken Dog Health

The Old Danish Chicken Dog is a fairly healthy breed that does not suffer from any serious health problems. Hip dysplasia may be an issue because of their size, but they are a very healthy breed. The Old Danish Chicken Dog will have a maximum life expectancy of about 13 years.

The need for exercise is mandatory for owners who do not want to have problems with this dog. The Old Danish Chicken Dog will maintain a cheerful disposition as long as it is given the exercise it needs. These dogs have large amounts of stamina, and they need a venue to utilize this energy. They should not be purchased by owners who do not have the time or the desire to give them a sufficient amount of exercise. They are not a good dog for people who live in apartments or small homes.

Old Danish Chicken Dog Grooming

The Old Danish Chicken Dog has a short coat that does not need a large amount of grooming. Like many hunting dogs, the appearance was not especially important to those who bred it. A firm brush should be used on a consistent basis. They should only be given a bath when it is necessary, and this breed may only shed a standard amount of fur.

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